I began treatment at The Dalles Chiropractic in 2008 due to chronic back and hip pain that would sometimes make it difficult to take full strides when walking. I had to “wait” for the lock up to go away before I was able to begin walking on it again.

I initially slipped on shampoo/soap in a retail store that was on the floor and have been suffering with this problem for 23+ years. Due to this injury I had very limited ability to be active with my kids and grand kids. I slept very poorly, couldn’t sit and had to rest a lot due to chronic sciatic nerve pain. I was unable to work up to my own expectations due to the pain this injury caused.

I found out about Dr. Keilman from my chiropractor from Port Angeles, WA. I am so thankful that he referred me to The Dalles Chiropractic as Dr. Keilman and his chiropractic assistants are caring, very personal and always available!! I love them all!!! I would and do recommend to everyone needing ANY care!!!

I have got my life back!! I am able to play with my grandkids, enjoy walks again and believe it or not I have actually lost weight because I can move now!!! My sleeping patterns have changed and I am getting great sleep now!!!

So far I am the only one in my family that gets care here, but we (the staff and I) are working on trying to get my husband into care!!

My favorite thing about the doctor and staff is that they really do care!! They treat you as a person who is in need of help and support and we are not just $$ dollar signs!!


I retired several years ago, not before I began to hurt. I was having back pain and couldn’t turn my head/neck very far to the left. I was a care taker, so lifting and moving patients in and out of bed, chairs and if they fell, off of the floor. I experienced so much discomfort in my back that it made it hard for me to sleep and with me not being able to turn my head to the left it created a dangerous driving situation for me and others.

Honestly, I didn’t think that there was anything that I could benefit from by seeing a medical doctor as I felt that my age played a factor and all the years of working. I had accepted a fate of pain and was managing to deal with it very well, or so I thought.

I brought a friend of mine down for her new patient appointment. While she was having her exam done I was sitting in the waiting room talking with the front desk person. She began engaging me into conversation about if I had ever thought of Chiropractic care. I told her no, it was too expensive. She then asked if I have insurance, well yes I have Medicare. She then began to explain that Medicare pays for Chiropractic care. So I filled out the paperwork and I began my treatment on 02/02/2017 as a new patient.

After my first adjustment I immediately noticed that I could turn my head to the left while driving. The discomfort in my back was not as bad either. I couldn’t believe all this time that I could be out of pain. My son see a Chiropractor on a regular basis as he is very active, unfortunately he lives out of town so he does not see Dr. Keilman.

The educational classes explains shy Chiropractic care should be a part of your regular health care. I am a believer and recommend The Dalles Chiropractic to be your family!!!

Dr. Keilman is very good at his job as he explains things very well, he is friendly and kind. He has never made me feel less important than the next patient. The office is so inviting and the staff treats you like family. I am so glad that I am part of this Chiropractic family.


My name is Wanda and I am a self-employed house cleaner and essential oil educator. About 18 years ago I fell, experiencing pain in my heels, lower back pain and a stiff neck. This has caused me to not be as active as I wanted to be with my kids and my grandkids. I had seen a doctor who ordered blood tests, which revealed nothing serious. I truly was getting frustrated not being able to enjoy life.

I was thumbing through the community flyer, when I came across a coupon for The Dalles Chiropractic. I brought my husband into the office to see if Dr. Keilman could help him. I later became a patient as well. We both have been patients here for five months now; Dr. Keilman has the best bed side manner and is very easy to talk to. He really cares and treats us like people.

The results are amazing!! I can now get up in the morning without pain in my feet (my heels) and I can carry my grandbabies without pain in my neck and back!! I am sleeping so much better now and I am able to work without pain. As much walking as I do, it is not painful anymore!!!

My family has seen so much change in my life that not only does my husband see Dr. Keilman, my children and daughter-in-law are patients now. The positive changes in our lives have made daily activities so much easier for us and we are so glad that we came here to The Dalles Chiropractic.

Dr. Keilman and staff have been so helpful with my entire family, they are friendly and compassionate. They don’t make you feel like you are dollar signs to them but that you are family. That really has kept us in positive upbeat moods when we leave the office. I highly recommend Dr. Keilman and The Dalles Chiropractic to everyone that I run into!!!


My wife Shannon started treatment in August of 2016 after Dr. Keilman ran into her at the bank. After they talked for a bit he learned that she was having shoulder pain and foot pain from everyday use. She started talking with me about her treatments that she was receiving and how much it was actually benefitting her. It took her about a month to actually convince me that I should go in and be evaluated. As she would say I was being stubborn.

I was experiencing shoulder pain from everyday use at work and building an addition to our home. This had been going on for about two years and I suffered from sleeping problems, normal mobility and it was difficult for me to lift things.

I had tried physical therapy, which helped me a little bit. I decided to give chiropractic therapy a try, I spoke with a co-worker and they said Dr. Keilman is the best that they have ever been to.

I began my treatments in September of 2016 with Dr. Keilman. When I arrived, the staff was very upbeat and friendly. Working with the insurance billing specialist it was clear to me that each staff member was highly trained and knew what they were doing. Since my treatments I have better range of motion and I am sleeping much better.

We really appreciate everything that The Dalles Chiropractic has to offer. Shannon and I are feeling much better and we highly recommend Dr. Keilman to everyone that we meet. Everyone here has given us extra care by giving us home exercises, showed us how important a Chiropractic lifestyle is with educational classes that are free to patients and their families. Most of all we really appreciate how caring the staff are towards us and our needs.

Shon & Shannon

I have been suffering with a stiff neck and pain in my upper back for about three years off and on. I thought it was just normal wear and tear as I get older, I didn’t know that I would be able to have the pain be relieved with chiropractic care. I lost my ambition, I felt I was lazy and I just didn’t want to do any activities. I hadn’t seen anyone for this issue; it wasn’t until I noticed the change in one of my co-workers. He told me about The Dalles Chiropractic.

I began treatment with Dr. Keilman on January 4th 2017 and felt very comfortable with him and the office staff. I felt that he really is “one cool dude”. The staff has been very helpful and supportive throughout my treatment. I have more energy now which makes me was to keep moving and get projects done that I had been putting off.

At work my co-workers and boss have noticed the changes that have happened to me since beginning treatment. They have said that I have more “pep in my step”.

I recommend Dr. Keilman to anyone who is seeking help with any type of issues from head to toe. It is a great feeling to finally feel better by getting adjusted. I couldn’t even imagine what life would be without Dr. Keilman taking such great care of me.


I have worked construction for quite some time now. I have suffered with right hip pain for a little over 7 years and was told that it was degeneration from age.

I figured that I had to accept the pain the older I got and maybe one day I could have a total hip replacement.

The pain in my right hip, made it so I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be. I couldn’t sleep comfortably at night time, so I was cranky in the mornings. My family relationships were beginning to suffer because I was in pain most of the time. I had seen two orthopedic surgeons, who both said that I would have to deal with it. I tried physical therapy which helped a little but not enough for me to be pain free.

I was referred to The Dalles Chiropractic by one of my employees and began treatment January 2017. I didn’t realize that I could benefit from a chiropractic lifestyle until Dr. Keilman explained to me in detail what was going on with the pain in my hip. Dr. Keilman is very informative, professional and kind. If it wasn’t for him I would be in constant daily pain.

Since my first appointment my hip doesn’t lock up anymore, I am sleeping so much better and I can actually sleep on my right side for the first time in many years. My wife has even commented several times that I am not as grumpy since I am not in pain.

My family has seen the difference in the way I am now that both my wife and daughter are patients now. My father-in-law is considering becoming a patient as well. A chiropractic lifestyle has changed my life in such a positive way, I highly recommend Dr. Keilman to everyone.

Dr. Keilman and his staff are very helpful, and consistent with my care. I don’t feel like dollar sign to them, I feel and am treated like family here and to me that means a lot.


I am a stay at home retired mother. I was experiencing severe hip and leg pain. My shoulder and left arm was very restricted from pain. I had fallen in the past as well as having an emotional shock dealing with cancer. I have been dealing with this since 2009. I couldn’t go up or down stairs without pain. My balance was off and I would fall down the stairs a total of three times. I had to skip doing the stairs for fear of injury.

I have seen several doctors and went to physical therapy which didn’t help me. So I began doing some research online when I came across The Dalles Chiropractic. I was able to get a new patient appointment the same day that I called in on January 27, 2017.

Dr. Keilman is very professional and cares about all of his patients. He and his staff are always very friendly. Since I began treatment, my hips are pain free and my arm is so much better. Even my balance has improved.

The exercises that the doctor has given me has loosened my muscles and helped with my mobility. I highly recommend The Dalles Chiropractic to anyone who is suffering from any pain. Dr. Keilman and his staff are very welcoming and such a blessing.