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At The Dalles Chiropractic, our goal is to improve the health of our local community through unrivaled quality care. After examining each patient’s situation, we design tailored plans of expert treatment services or lifestyle enhancements to prevent future issues.

We specialize in scientifically proven methodologies to address conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, pregnancy-related discomfort, and much more. Beyond this, we seek to promote a healthy lifestyle by offering holistic wellness advice and plans. Thanks to our team of trusted chiropractic practitioners, each individual benefits from the same level of high-quality care and welcoming professionalism every time.

Office Hours

Monday: 8am-12pm, 2pm-6pm
Tuesday: 8am-12pm
Wednesday: 8am-12pm, 2pm-6pm
Thursday: 8am-12pm, 2pm-6pm
Friday: 8am-12pm
Saturday: On call weekends and Holidays
Sunday: On call weekends and Holidays

Common Conditions We Treat

low back pain

Low Back Pain

head ache migraine

Headaches & Migraines




Neck Pain

joint pain

Joint Pain

carpa tunnel

Carpal Tunnel